Strengthening the African knowledge society

Since 2019, The Guild has developed a close partnership with the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA) to support sustainable partnerships between African and European universities. The African Union and the European Union have a unique opportunity to develop their strategic partnership through investing in sustainable and equitable collaboration in research, innovation and higher education. To tackle the common challenges from public health to environmental change, ARUA and The Guild have emphasised the importance of strengthening the African knowledge society through enhancing African universities' capacities for excellent research.

ARUA and The Guild fully support the proposed AU-EU Innovation Agenda

Through the proposed AU-EU Innovation Agenda, announced on 14 February 2022 ahead of the EU-AU summit, universities are assuming a central place in the development of AU-EU relations.

The Guild and ARUA welcome the concrete proposals made in the Agenda, in particular the development and strengthening of Clusters of Excellence.

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ARUA and The Guild call for the AU and the EU to act as levers for widespread and coordinated support for the African knowledge society


ARUA and The Guild emphasise the critical importance of strengthening African research universities in a wholistic way, calling to action the African Union and the European Union, national governments, public science bodies, and universities and their communities themselves.

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Towards a renewed Africa-EU partnership

Ahead of the EU-AU Summit on 17-18 February 2022, The Guild and ARUA share highlights from their past conference where researchers, academics and policy-makers from both continents discussed how research and innovation should become central to the AU-EU partnership in a sustainable way.






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Further publications


ARUA -The Guild panel: Universities as gateways between Africa and Europe

On 14 February 2022, just ahead of the EU-AU summit, The Guild and ARUA organised a panel discussion as part of the Africa-Europe Science Collaboration Platform's (AERAP) side events. The panel provided a timely outlook on what is needed to further strengthen African universities and African-European university collaborations in the long-term.

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ARUA - The Guild conference: Strengthening the African knowledge society

On 22 November 2021, ARUA and The Guild brought together high-level speakers from Europe and Africa to discuss how to strengthen the African knowledge society and what role higher education and research should play in the AU-EU strategic relationship. Looking to the upcoming AU-EU summit, the participants and speakers shared their views on how to learn from the past to build up a stronger and more equal partnership.

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ARUA-The Guild info sessions

In 2021, ARUA and The Guild organised two info sessions directed to researchers and students in African and European universities who are interested in funding opportunities for international collaboration and mobility.

The first session, held on 13 July, zoomed in on the African Research Initiative for Scientific Excellence (ARISE) programme, providing information for the researchers applying for the novel programme. Organised on 7 October, the second info session focused on doctoral training opportunities.

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