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The EU's vision to create a European Education Area by 2025 where cross-border learning is standard, rather than exception, has put greater focus on those groups who have so far been underrepresented in exchange programmes. Fostering inclusion and catering to differing needs are crucial if we wish to “make mobility a reality for all.”

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by Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli

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Svein Stølen, Rector of the University of Oslo (UiO), calls for a Plan I: an implementation approach to precede ‘Plan S’.

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As the European Parliament and the Council of the EU discuss their position on the European Commission’s proposal for the Horizon Europe programme, tough choices have to be made.

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This week’s Times Higher Education Academic Summit in Glasgow will focus on the close relationship between excellence in research and teaching.

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What if we thought of Europe’s lower-performing regions in positive terms, as our biggest opportunity?

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Over a number of months, Guild members have been engaging closely with the idea of collaborative research missions. We wanted to see what these might involve, how they could resolve some of our most pressing scientific problems, and whether we could capture these in ways that translated their urgency to the public.

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As the UK’s journey towards Brexit has reached the halfway point, the Guild is not the first network to state the importance of the free and easy movement of staff and students, and collaboration in research; nor should we be the last.