Universities supporting researchers and students affected by the war in Ukraine

The Guild's member universities are providing concrete support to enable researchers, academics, university staff and students from Ukraine to continue their lives, work, and careers to the best of their ability under traumatic circumstances.

Reimagining Research-led Education in a Digital Age

The Guild's third insight paper provides a framework for reimagining research-led education in a digital age, seeking to open a conversation between universities, the EU and national governments on how higher education can embrace the digital transformation.

The Guild's Vision for Europe's Universities

What are our universities’ strengths, and how can these be enhanced, for the benefit of staff and students, but also of our societies? At a time of global transformation, Presidents of The Guild’s universities set out a vision for Europe’s universities over the next ten years.

Strengthening the African knowledge society

Since 2019, The Guild has developed a close partnership with the African Research Universities Alliance to support sustainable partnerships between African and European universities - crucial for tackling the common challenges from public health to environmental change.

The UK and Swiss association to Horizon Europe

Since its foundation, The Guild has been actively advocating for scientific collaboration across borders. It is imperative for the success of Horizon Europe, and for European science as a whole, that the UK and Switzerland can contribute fully to the programme.