The New European Innovation Agenda must strengthen the roles of universities in driving innovation

Statement on the New European Innovation Agenda  | 7 July 2022

Published on 5 July, the New European Innovation Agenda puts forward a number of key actions to develop the innovation ecosystems in Europe. By putting emphasis on deep tech, the Agenda misses to embrace all types of innovation and neglects the crucial role of some actors, including universities, in developing these ecosystems.

The EIC must better recognise the role of technology transfer offices to enhance knowledge valorisation

Statement on Christian Ehler's EIC report  | 20 June 2022

Contributing to MEP Christian Ehler’s report on the implementation of the European Innovation Council (EIC), The Guild calls for the EIC to better recognise the role of universities’ technology transfer offices as key actors in the emergence of breakthrough innovations.

EIC provisions for inventors must strengthen universities as powerhouses of Europe’s innovation ecosystem

Statement on EIC IP provisions  | 24 May 2022

The Guild expresses concerns about the provisions in the Horizon Europe grant agreement that give ‘EIC inventors’ indefinite royalty-free access rights. Ensuring that universities across Europe have well-functioning knowledge and technology transfer offices would be a better approach to maximise the exploitation of research results.

Diversity, sustainability and quality must be the hallmarks of academic publishing

Statement on academic publishing  | 17 May 2022

Ahead of the June Competitiveness Council, where the ministers will be invited to adopt conclusions on research assessment and implementation of Open Science policies, The Guild urges the member states to ensure that Open Access serves science, not publishers.

The Guild's reaction to the European Commission's proposal for the European Health Data Space

Statement on European Health Data Space  | 4 May 2022

The Guild welcomes the publication, on Tuesday 3rd May, of the European Commission’s proposal for a regulation on the European Health Data Space (EHDS).

European research universities agree on a set of principles for international cooperation in research

Joint statement on international cooperation | 27 April 2022

The German U15, The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities, and Udice emphasise the necessity to strengthen international cooperation in research to meet global challenges.

The Guild welcomes the Council's support for students and researchers at risk

Statement on 6 April Council conclusions | 8 April 2022

The Guild welcomes the Council conclusions on a European strategy empowering higher education institutions for the future of Europe.

The Guild calls for the European Union to remove barriers for conducting multinational clinical trials

Statement on clinical trials | 28 March 2022

The Guild urges the member states and the European Commission to address critical obstacles that researchers are facing when conducting multinational clinical trials, particularly regarding the sharing and reuse of health data.

The Guild calls for policymakers to adapt EU instruments and national regulations to support students and researchers from Ukraine

Statement on Ukraine and EU support | 21 March 2022

The Guild issues a set of recommendations for concrete support measures to help staff and students from Ukraine, urging the European Commission, the French Presidency of the Council, and the national governments to support universities effectively and flexibly.

Enhancing gender equality and diversity at universities

Statement on gender and diversity definitions | 8 March 2022

The Guild suggests definitions of key terms to support universities in achieving more diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Guild sets recommendations for the Data Act proposal

Statement on Data Act proposal | 28 February 2022

The Guild voices its concerns on the Commission’s proposal for a Data Act, urging fair access to privately held data for research purposes.

Europe's Universities must stand up for democracy

Statement on Ukraine | 25 February 2022

The Guild calls on Europe’s governments, and the EU, to enable our universities to support Ukrainian students and staff on our campuses, and through the provision of distance education where needed.

ARUA and The Guild in full support of the proposed joint AU-EU Innovation Agenda

Statement on joint AU-EU Innovation Agenda | 16 February 2022

Through the proposed AU-EU Innovation Agenda, announced on 14 February ahead of the AU-EU summit, universities are assuming a central place in the development of AU-EU relations.

The Guild universities raise concerns about the implementation of the first year of the new Erasmus+ programme

Statement on the new Erasmus+ programme | 25 January 2022

At the start of the new Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027), universities are struggling to meet the mobility expectations of their students. Although the programme promised to be more inclusive and accessible, the actual level of funding universities received in 2021 for Key Action 1 remained at the level of 2018 funding.

The Guild's response to the European strategy for universities

Statement on European strategy for universities | 20 January 2022

The Guild welcomes the Strategy as a framework which recognizes the rich potential and contribution of Europe’s universities to our society through research, education and innovation. Although there is much to welcome, there is a genuine question whether the strategy is visionary enough.

The Guild universities share their experience in applying for Horizon Europe grants

Survey on Horizon Europe Application Process | 13 January 2022

The application process for Horizon Europe calls requires further clarity while a more stable and user-friendly submission platform is needed, researchers and research support officers from The Guild universities highlight.

More time and perspectives needed to fully evaluate the Lump Sum Pilot

Statement on Lump Sum Pilot | 7 January 2022

The Guild calls for university grant and financial managers to be included in any further evaluations of Horizon lump sum funding.


ARUA and The Guild call for the AU and EU to act as levers for widespread and coordinated support for the African knowledge society

ARUA - The Guild joint statement | 17 December 2021

The African Research Universities Alliance and The Guild emphasise the critical importance of strengthening African research universities in a wholistic way, calling to action the AU and EU, national governments, public science bodies, and universities and their communities themselves.

The Guild sets recommendations for the AI Act

Statement on AI Act | 14 December 2021

The Guild voices its concerns on the burdens the European Commission’s proposal for an Artificial Intelligence Act may impose on research and researchers and calls for the Commission to involve researchers in the future monitoring and amendment processes of the Act.

European Research Area must focus on strengthening research excellence across Europe as a whole

Statement on Widening participation | 25 November 2021

The Guild calls for the new European Research Area to develop and implement a holistic vision to strengthen and deepen excellence in less R&I performing (Widening) countries.

The UK's association to Horizon Europe must be finalised now

Joint statement on the UK's association to Horizon Europe | 4 November 2021

The European Union’s research and innovation community calls for the European Commission and President Ursula von der Leyen to finalise the United Kingdom’s association to Horizon Europe immediately.

Proposals of The Guild for the EU Guiding Principles for Knowledge Valorisation

Statement on Knowledge Valorisation | 22 October 2021

The Guild calls for dedicated funding streams for knowledge transfer activities, and capacity-building measures to enhance the capacities of researchers and technology transfer offices to innovate.

The Guild calls for strengthening of Academic Freedom

Statement on Academic Freedom | 17 June 2021

As a core principle of the EU, academic freedom must be protected vigorously and decisively by the Commission and all EU institutions. The Guild urges for the creation of a European Ombudsperson for the defence and support of academic freedom.

Which way forward for the European University alliances?

Statement on European Universities | 25 May 2021

Collaboration within the European Universities initiative needs to grow bottom-up, based on the alliances’ distinctive strategies. Innovation and originality can flourish only by developing new practices in universities and overcoming national obstacles.

The EU’s emerging Pact for Research and Innovation should meet the expectations of the research sector

Statement on European Research Area | 27 April 2021

The Guild considers it critical that the Pact for Research and Innovation will prominently address the key question that ERA was founded on: how to strengthen Europe’s research capacity.

European networks call for full access to Horizon Europe for associated countries

Joint statement on Horizon Europe | 23 April 2021

The Guild joins other groups of research-intensive universities in Europe in voicing its concern regarding proposals to restrict the UK’s, Switzerland’s and potentially other countries’ access to parts of Horizon Europe.


Europe must be empowered to address its key challenges through additional investments for fundamental research

Statement on Horizon Europe's budget | 9 December 2020

The Guild calls for an urgent funding boost to the Excellence Science Pillar of Horizon Europe in order to achieve a balanced resourcing of the three pillars of the programme.

Research activities of universities must continue to be supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Statement on European Regional Development Funds | 30 October 2020

The Guild voices its concern that ending ERDF support to universities’ research capacities undermines the goal of reducing the research and innovation divide in Europe.

The Guild welcomes the potential of the European Research and Education Areas to boost the excellence of the European higher education sector

Statement on the European Research and Education Areas | 1 October 2020

The Guild considers that the visions for the European Research and Education Areas published by the European Commission represent an important opening for a dialogue on common priorities and their implementation.

The Guild calls on EU institutions to increase investments in fundamental research in Horizon Europe

Statement on Horizon Europe's budget | 11 September 2020

The Guild welcomes the appointment of Jean-Pierre Bourguignon as acting President of the European Research Council

Statement on ERC | 24 July 2020

The Guild calls on the European Parliament to improve spending on Horizon Europe and Erasmus+

Statement on EU budget | 22 July 2020

Securing a strong outcome for research in the EU-UK future relationship: reaching an agreement on UK participation in Horizon Europe

Joint Statement on Brexit | 22 July 2020
The Guild urges for full UK association to Horizon Europe alongside over 100 organisations and researchers.


Joint Statement on EU budget | 14 July 2020
The Guild and 15 other university associations call on EU Member States to prioritise investment in research, education and innovation.

Successful ERA requires maintaining focus on Europe’s ability to create world class new knowledge

Statement on ERA | 7 July 2020

The Guild reissues its call for the European Research Area (ERA) to focus on strengthening the production of new knowledge through academic research.

European ambition for research and innovation needs stronger reflection in the EU’s budget for 2021-2027

Statement on EU budget | 28 May 2020

The Guild urges the Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament to increase their commitment to research, education and innovation in the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF), and ensure a timely start for 2021.

The Guild fully supports the Scientific Council of the ERC

Statement on ERC | 8 April 2020

The Guild expresses its full support to the European Research Council (ERC), following its request made on 27 March for Prof. Mauro Ferrari to resign as President of the ERC.

EU and UK research and higher education organisations plan a strong future relationship post Brexit

Joint Statement | 31 January 2020
The Guild’s Presidents support the joint call of over 40 science and higher education stakeholders across the UK and Europe for continued cooperation following the departure of the UK from the EU.



Open letter to CULT committee members

Open letter on priorities for education | 25 September 2019
The Guild publishes recommendations on European education policies for members of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Education.

Open letter to ITRE committee members

Open letter on priorities for research and innovation | 19 September 2019
The Guild publishes recommendations on European research and education policies for ITRE Committee members.

Open letter to Commissioner-designate Mariya Gabriel

Open letter to next Commissioner on research and education | 18 September 2019
The Guild publishes recommendations on European research and education policies ahead of the commissioner candidate hearings.

Seize our Common Future

Joint Statement | 25 July 2019
The Guild together with 14 European university and research organisations call for an ambitious Horizon Europe budget to foster excellent cross-border research and innovation.


Research excellence and cooperation must prevail in Horizon Europe

Joint Statement on Horizon Europe | 8 November 2018

Scientific leadership and global impact key priorities in the current negotiations on Horizon Europe

Statement on key priorities in current negotiations - Horizon Europe | 5 November 2018
The Guild affirms the key priorities that should be addressed as part of the ongoing legislative work leading to the establishment of the EU’s new framework programme for research and innovation.

Universities united for the best Horizon Europe

Joint Statement | 15 June 2018
In the wake of the European Commission’s release of its outline for the Ninth Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon Europe), 14 European associations representing universities united to respond to the proposal.

Guild Presidents call on Horizon Europe and Erasmus to strengthen Europe’s global position in science, education, and innovation

Statement on Horizon Europe and Erasmus | 12 June 2018
Research, education and innovation must be at the core of the EU’s future vision. Hence, we welcome Horizon Europe’s new approaches. However, Europe’s global position in science and innovation requires a much higher level of ambition, read our recommendations here.

Research and innovation for the Europe we want to see

Statement on SSH in FP9 | 19 April 2018
FP9 must empower researchers to fulfil their potential and contribute to evidence-based policies on social cohesion, education, intercultural communication, democratic participation, and developing a fair and sustainable economy in the context of globalisation. The Framework Programme must contribute to a deeper understanding of the effects of disruptive innovation, and transformation based on expertise in all STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Medicine), to strengthen our societies, cultures, institutions, and economies.


Exchange of ideas, mobility of people and sharing of facilities and valuable research data will be critical to the success of European and UK science

Joint Statement on Brexit | 11 December 2017
Groups representing over 58 top European universities call for the EU and UK to be ambitious and work towards a settlement on research that will support joint-working after Brexit.

Investing in the Future of Europe – The Guild’s statement on Brexit

Statement on Brexit | 13 November 2017
The success of European universities depends on their ability to circulate ideas freely, through their researchers, students, and alumni. This must not be affected adversely by Brexit.

The Guild’s response to the Lamy report

Statement on Lamy report | 18 July 2017
In its response to the High-Level Group report on the future of EU research and innovation, the Guild welcomes the proposal to double the budget for the next Framework Programme. However, the Guild stresses that investing in research, innovation, and education is not only economically sound, it also strengthens Europe’s public life, and preserves its social and cultural welfare.

The Guild’s response to the Commission’s renewed Agenda for Higher Education

Statement on the Commission's renewed Agenda for HE | 16 June 2017
The Guild endorses the European Commission’s latest proposals to further strengthen European higher education, built on a recognition that effective education systems are the foundation of open, fair and democratic societies.

The Guild’s response to the ITRE draft report on H2020 and FP9

Statement on ITRE draft report on H2020 and FP9 | 5 April 2017
The Guild welcomes the recommendations of the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee for the next Framework Programme, based on a careful review of how Horizon 2020 has succeeded in its mission to foster excellent science, respond to societal challenges and boost industrial leadership in Europe.