The Guild Summer School shines a spotlight on research communication

The Guild Summer School, hosted by the University of Glasgow, is taking place on 5-9 July. Bringing together almost fifty PhD candidates from multiple disciplines and from across Europe, this year’s Summer School zooms in on research communication.

This year’s Summer School provides an immersion into an essential skill for scientists: how to engage with scientific and non-scientific audiences in new ways, and excite citizens about their subjects. Participants are considering how scientists best communicate their research to diverse audiences. Topics include what to keep in mind when speaking at virtual meetings and events, and how scientists can develop their academic identity via online platforms.

Organised for the second time, The Guild Summer School encourages PhD candidates to reflect on, and engage with, the broader opportunities that their scientific work opens up. The first Summer School, hosted by the University of Paris in 2019, encouraged PhD students to explore a wide variety of career contexts within and beyond academia. The Glasgow Summer school builds on the outstanding feedback received from participants, while also providing opportunities for new connections and networks amongst the next generation of Europe’s scientists across disciplines

Catch highlights from the discussions and workshops on Twitter via #UofGGuildSS.


Published July 7, 2021 1:27 PM - Last modified July 7, 2021 1:27 PM