Reimagining Research-led Education in a Digital Age

The Guild's third insight paper, published on 4 June 2021, provides a framework for reimagining research-led education in a digital age. The paper seeks to open a conversation between universities, European policy bodies, the EU and national governments on how higher education can embrace the digital transformation, accelerated by the Covid-19 disruption.

Higher education across Europe needs to cut red tape, engage with lifelong learning, and accelerate pedagogic innovation in a sustainable way to enable students to receive strong research-led education and develop relevant skills for the 21st century, the insight paper states, authored by Jo Angouri (University of Warwick) and supported by members of The Guild’s Strategic Leads on Education group.


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Launch of the insight paper 'Reimagining Research-led Education in a Digital Age'

The paper’s interventions were launched on 4 June 2021 in a virtual debate with representatives from academia, the European Commission, and university associations. How to ensure higher education responds to the needs of the graduates in the 21st century was the key question discussed in event. 

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The Guild's seminar series

The launch of the paper marked the beginning of a series of debates hosted by The Guild's member universities about the educational transformations we need.

The first virtual seminar, hosted by the University of Warwick on 29 June 2021, explored lifelong learning in relation to transnational collaboration, with a special focus on the micro-credentials agenda and its potential for universities. Together with Aarhus University, The Guild organised the second seminar on 23 September 2021, zooming in on quality assurance systems. The third seminar took place on 29 November 2021, hosted by the University of Tartu, and focused on the role of universities in integrating international graduates into the local labour market. The University of Glasgow hosted the fourth seminar on 2 March 2022 and discussed the university's experience with designing teaching and study spaces. Stay tuned for the last seminar!






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