Reimagining Research-led Education in a Digital Age - The Guild Insight Paper

The Guild launched its third Insight Paper on 4 June 2021, bringing together representatives from academia, the European Commission, and university associations to discuss how higher education can embrace the digital transformation that is sweeping through the sector.

Universities are forced to operate at the interface of various tensions, balancing disciplinary knowledge with interdisciplinarity, individual learning with growing number of students, and national accreditation systems with international student and staff mobility, just to name a few. The pandemic added to these challenges, as universities were forced to switch to digital spaces overnight and still to maintain social connections among staff and students.

How to turn these tensions into opportunities and ensure higher education responds to the needs of the graduates in the 21st century were the key questions discussed in The Guild’s virtual event.

Watch below the full recording of the event with Jo Angouri, Academic Director for Education and Internationalisation at the University of Warwick and lead author of the paper, Vanessa Debiais-Sainton, Head of Unit at DG EAC, European Commission, Michael Gaebel, Director Higher Education Policy at the European University Association, Rūta Eidukevičienė, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at the Vytautas Magnus University, Benoît Raucent, President of the Louvain Learning Lab, UCLouvain, and Jeroen Kooman, Director at the Institute for Education Innovation (EDLAB), Maastricht University. You can download the Insight Paper here.

The launch event marked the beginning of a series of debates hosted by The Guild member universities about the educational transformations we need. The first seminar, organised together by The Guild and the University of Warwick, took place on 29 June 2021 exploring lifelong learning in relation to transnational collaboration, with a special focus on the micro-credentials agenda and its potential for universities.

Watch below the full recording of the seminar with Jan Palmowski, Secretary-General of The Guild; Jo Angouri, Academic Director for Education and Internationalisation at the University of Warwick; Koen Nomden, Team leader, Transparency and Recognition of Skills and Qualifications at DG EMPL, European Commission; Klara Engels-Perenyi, Policy Officer, Higher Education Unit, at DG EAC, European Commission; Rajay Naik, Chief Executive Officer at Skilled Education; Rosette S'Jegers, Education Coordinator at EUTOPIA and Policy Advisor for the Vice-Rector at Vrije Universiteit Brussel; Heli Harrikari, Director of Continuous Learning at Tampere University, ECIU; Frederik De Decker, Head of International Relations Office at the Ghent University, ENLIGHT; and Aleksandar Šušnjar, University of Rijeka, YUFE Institutional Coordinator, YUFE Student Journey work package co-lead.

Published June 8, 2021 4:28 PM - Last modified July 28, 2021 3:14 PM