The Guild publishes its Annual Report of 2021-2022

In the past year, the EU has become increasingly important for universities. In turn, universities, through their research, innovation and education, have become more central to EU policymaking. Key initiatives, from the EU strategy for universities to digital and health policies, have had major implications for research and higher education. Moreover, the war in Ukraine has changed geopolitics profoundly, forcing universities to reassess their position and approaches regarding international relations. Through its working groups and the leadership of the General Assembly, The Guild engaged with a growing range of policy areas, while also bringing new depths to our work on Horizon Europe and Erasmus+, alongside the European Research and Education Areas. Finally, last year also brought significant advances to our collaboration; internally, and with our close partner, the African Research Universities Alliance.

Vincent Blondel, outgoing Chair of The Guild, commented: “Five years ago, our main focus was on Horizon Europe and Erasmus+. Now we more fully also recognise the need for universities to impact on wider European political priorities. And we fully appreciate the need to further bring together the European Research Area and the European Education Area, including through European university alliances.”

“With the growing importance of universities across so many key policy domains, The Guild’s mission of enhancing the voice of universities in Brussels and beyond has never been more important. At a time of tremendous challenges and transformations for universities, our members’ sustained input and commitment have enabled us to ensure their experience and ideas are understood in Brussels. We continue to be grateful for our members’ contributions, and the collaborations with councillors, Members of the European Parliament and Commission colleagues marked by trust and respect,” Jan Palmowski, Secretary-General of The Guild, said.

The Annual Report highlights The Guild’s key areas of engagement and achievements in 2021-2022. Read about our reflections on the past year via the links below.

Download the full report here or read it below.

Published July 4, 2022 10:22 AM - Last modified July 4, 2022 11:43 AM