Strengthening inclusiveness and international collaboration: The Guild Presidents meet in Krakow

Poland’s oldest university, Jagiellonian University, provided a rich setting for The Guild’s autumn General Assembly meeting that focused on how to strengthen open scientific collaboration at a time of growing global tensions.

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Organised on 20-21 October, the General Assembly provided deep insights into Poland’s research and innovation landscape. The Presidents met with Marcin Pałys, former Rector of University of Warsaw and Chair of the Central Council for Science and Higher Education, who led a discussion on how we can deepen inclusiveness and excellence in research and innovation. This opening discussion of the General Assembly also reflected on what universities can do to support the Ukrainian academic community.

The Presidents also welcomed Jadwiga Emilewicz, Member of the Polish parliament and former Deputy Prime Minister. Emilewicz emphasised the growth of Polish R&I spending in recent years. Her contribution sparked conversations about the relationship between Horizon Europe and regional and structural funding, and how institutions can best be enabled to benefit from Horizon Europe funding.

Ahead of the development of the second Strategic Plan for Horizon Europe, which will set the priorities for 2025-27, the Presidents continued their deliberations about European R&I priorities from the June General Assembly. This time, they did so in exchange with Signe Ratso, acting Director-General of DG RTD at the European Commission.

In this discussion, The Guild Presidents emphasised the importance of Swiss and UK participation in Horizon Europe and its successor programmes as essential to any vision for European R&I. They also discussed the importance of the European Research Council. Moreover, the Presidents raised the importance of fundamental research, and of ensuring the European Innovation Council supported innovation emanating from research, including fundamental research, at universities.

             25 October 2022


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