The Guild calls for policymakers to adapt EU instruments and national regulations to support students and researchers from Ukraine

The Guild issues a set of recommendations for concrete support measures to help staff and students from Ukraine, urging the European Commission, the French Presidency of the Council, and the national governments to support universities effectively and flexibly.

The Guild welcomes the Commission’s commitment to support the continued participation of Ukraine and Ukrainian organisations in Horizon Europe, and to protect Ukrainian students studying at European universities. The Guild urges the EU to lead a comprehensive solidarity effort across the continent, enabling universities to integrate students and staff from Ukraine on our campuses as effectively as possible.

The Guild calls on the policymakers to employ national and EU instruments to:

  1. Ensure all support measures extend to staff and students from Ukraine; not just those with Ukrainian citizenship.
  2. Facilitate integration of staff and students from Ukraine at universities, through close collaboration between ministries and universities to enable universities to manage any regulatory, financial, or legal barriers  
  3. Ease the Erasmus+ rules to enable universities to mobilise unused Erasmus+ 2019 and 2020 funds to support incoming students from Ukraine, and to create new Erasmus+ grants for students from Ukraine
  4. Amend or suspend national regulations about admissions procedures and fees to enable universities to respond to the needs of students from Ukraine as flexibly as possible
  5. Support researchers from Ukraine via the MSCA Hop-On Grants, allowing financial and legal structures of support to be made available according to need
  6. Provide flexibility regarding admission of students studying for professional degrees such as medicine, as these professional skills will be urgently needed in the reconstruction of Ukraine
  7. Mobilise additional funding for the creation of new mechanisms to support researchers at risk, through for example flexible institutional funding, extension of time-based eligibility criteria and the creation of emergency fellowship scheme
  8. Support the families of students and staff arriving at our universities

Jan Palmowski, Secretary-General of The Guild commented: “Member states have already shown great flexibility in enabling universities respond to the war in Ukraine effectively. But we need more. We call on the EU to lead by example, opening up its instruments so that students, researchers and support staff can benefit from them – wherever they are. Now is the time for bold action, co-ordinated at a European level, bringing together European states in solidarity.”

The Guild's member universities are providing concrete support to enable staff and students from Ukraine to continue their lives, work and careers to the best of their ability under these traumatic circumstances. See the full list of actions here.

21 March 2022

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Published Mar. 21, 2022 10:59 AM - Last modified Mar. 21, 2022 4:33 PM