Leading scientists worldwide demand strengthening the research capacities of African universities to address global threats to biodiversity

Over 200 scientists are calling to strengthen the African research capacities in environmental sciences, voicing their support for the joint initiative of The Guild and the African Research Universities Alliance (ARUA). The signatories emphasise the importance of safeguarding biodiversity and Africa’s natural resources, and highlight the critical role the new generation of African scientists will play on this.

The signatories of the statement emphasise the need to build strong and independent universities through research and higher education capacity across Africa. Backing The Guild and ARUA call to invest in Clusters of Excellence built on sustainable partnerships between African research universities, the signatories also endorse the five priority areas for investment proposed in the initiative. Furthermore, the scientists call to include biodiversity among the focus areas, highlighting the key role of African environmental researchers in safeguarding the continent’s extraordinary natural resources and biodiversity assets.

This call from the research community generates new momentum to the common voice of Europe’s universities, expressed jointly by 20 national rectors’ conferences across the continent, to strengthen Africa’s capacity for science through a long-term, holistic approach.

The Guild and ARUA warmly welcome the fresh impetus for the initiative stemming from the scientists across continents.

Jan Palmowski, Secretary-General of The Guild, confirmed: “The researchers’ call for the urgency of biodiversity research is critical at this time. It reinforces the EU’s strategic focus on environmental sustainability, and the African Union’s priority of sustaining healthy oceans.”

14 October 2021

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