University of Groningen’s Professors to be awarded the prestigious Spinoza and Stevin Prizes

This September, Pauline Kleingeld and Linda Steg will be awarded the Netherlands’ highest scientific distinctions.

Recognising academic work on the basis of excellence and the acknowledgement of fundamental issues, this year’s Spinoza Prize will be awarded to Professor of Ethics and its History, Pauline Kleingeld. A renowned Kantian scholar, Kleingeld has translated her interpretation of Kant’s ethics and political philosophy into new perspectives on moral universalism, autonomy, free will and cosmopolitanism with a view to developing a modern Kantian ethical theory. This is the 9th time that a University of Groningen’s researcher is bestowed with the prestigious prize, awarded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

The Stevin Prize, which focuses on the researcher’s societal impact, will be awarded to Professor of Environmental Psychology Linda Steg. Steg is a pioneer in her field, examining which factors stimulate environmentally-friendly behaviour and contributing to the importance given to this behavioural factor in international climate policy. She has contributed widely to policymaking through policy-setting publications and international committees.

Commenting on the achievement, Rector Magnificus Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, herself a Spinoza laureate, proudly states: ‘In typical Groningen dialect we would say ‘it could be worse’. For this moment I’d like to say it is fantastic! A well-deserved achievement on the part of both laureates, and what an honour for the UG (University of Groningen) to have these talented female professors working with us. I hope that they continue to inspire our students for a long time to come.’

Congratulations and best wishes!



Published June 19, 2020 12:58 PM - Last modified June 19, 2020 12:58 PM