Presidents elect the new Board of The Guild

At the 2 June 2020 General Assembly meeting, Presidents of The Guild member universities voted on the new Board for the coming year.  They  re-elected Vincent Blondel (UCLouvain) as Chair of The Guild for another year.

© Valentin Marquardt (2019) The Guild General Assembly meeting, June 2019.

Prof. Blondel and Svein Stølen (University of Oslo, not up for election) are joined by two new members of the Board, Toomas Asser (University of Tartu) and Rachel Sandison (University of Glasgow).

The Board’s decision making on behalf of the General Assembly will be enriched by the multidisciplinary background of its members, and by their capacity to mirror The Guild’s geographical diversity. Vincent Blondel originally studied philosophy to subsequently enrol in the field of applied mathematics and computer science, building a prominent academic career. He has been Rector of UCLouvain since 2014. A medical doctor by training, Toomas Asser dedicated his professional career to the study of the brain, more precisely to cerebrovascular diseases and brain tumours. He became Rector of the University of Tartu in 2018. Vice-Principal for External Relations at the University of Glasgow, Rachel Sandison has over twenty years of experience working in the higher education sector, managing institutional reputation, and providing leadership for student recruitment, international affairs and widening participation. Svein Stølen has been Rector of the University of Oslo since 2017, where he has been Professor of Chemistry specializing in thermodynamics and functional materials.

After being elected member of the new Board of Directors, Rachel Sandison said: “I am delighted with this opportunity to enhance the voice of The Guild as a leading network in the field of European research, innovation and education. Strengthening collaboration across The Guild network is crucial for our member universities as they make their voices heard as key players in our post-coronavirus societies.” Toomas Asser added: “Europe is entering a new period, a period where the relevance of fundamental research has never been so clearly needed, as universities also need to strengthen the skills of their students so that we can face the challenges of the future.”

Presidents at the General Assembly praised the outgoing Board of Directors for their commitment and work towards the consolidation of The Guild network as a strong voice for universities. Thanking the outgoing Board, composed of Vincent Blondel (UCLouvain), Eva Åkesson (Uppsala University), Anton Muscatelli (University of Glasgow) and Svein Stølen (University of Oslo), Jan Palmowski, Secretary-General of The Guild, said: “The Board has been generous in its trust, and it has provided clear leadership and support when needed. I am grateful for the wisdom and experience of the previous Board, from which I have benefited enormously, and I look forward to working with the new Board.”




Published June 4, 2020 12:32 PM - Last modified June 4, 2020 12:32 PM