The Guild’s priorities for Horizon Europe’s Health cluster

In the position paper published today, The Guild’s academic communities identify priority areas for Horizon Europe’s Health cluster.

Improving health and well-being are central strategic concerns in the next Framework Programme. The Health cluster must strike a careful balance between topics related to public health and medical research. To maximise its transformative impact, it must also support research across the entire spectrum, addressing citizens’ health needs through basic/early stage as well as translational research.

As a further contribution to Horizon Europe’s Strategic Planning process, The Guild outlines six priority areas for research: (1) Health throughout the life course and the role of environmental and social health determinants; (2) Non-communicable and chronic diseases, including rare diseases; (3) Communicable diseases; (4) Innovative, sustainable and accessible health systems; (5) New tools, technologies and digital solutions, including predictive technologies;  and (6) Better health systems through academia-industry collaboration.

For each of these areas, the paper identifies the specific challenges our societies face today, the expected impact of collaborative R&I, and the R&I orientations that will contribute to their achievement. These priorities will maximise EU added value and amplify the societal impact of Horizon Europe.

Read the full position paper here.


Published June 6, 2019 3:01 PM - Last modified June 6, 2019 4:17 PM