Guild Vice-Presidents meet in Brussels

Kurt Vandenberghe speaking at the Guild's Vice-Presidents' meeting

Vice-Presidents from Guild member universities met in Brussels today to prepare for this year’s work on the EU’s next Framework Programme (FP9), and the network’s other priorities. Members reviewed internal workstreams and concluded the meeting with a discussion on FP9 with the Director of Policy and Coordination at the Commission’s DG - Research and Innovation, Kurt Vandenberghe.

Prof. Andrzej Adamski from Jagiellonian University

Participants provided feedback on a Brexit draft paper the Guild will submit in response to a public consultation launched by the Wellcome Trust in the UK. Throughout 2018 the network will continue to focus on policy at the EU level, but also on collaborative efforts and member-led initiatives. For instance, in today’s meeting Jagiellonian University presented a draft report based on a survey of Polish universities. The data the university has gathered will feed into our policy work on Widening Participation and Spreading Excellence. In addition, the University of Vienna –  which led a group effort to develop impact indicators for research alongside the University of Tübingen – presented the group’s work progress.

Dr. Michael Hofer from the University of Vienna

There are big shifts looming over 2018, including Brexit and the Commission's proposal for FP9. Changes are likely to happen in a climate of anxiety where an ongoing crisis in public trust threatens the legitimacy of scientific, research, political, and social institutions. Guild academic leaders remain determined to tackle this year’s goals and challenges through collaboration, and by ensuring that policy changes feed into an articulated vision for European research and education.

Published Jan. 11, 2018 4:29 PM - Last modified Jan. 12, 2018 11:38 AM