Guild members attend Tallinn conference on research and impact

Professor Sibrand Poppema and Director-General for Research and Innovation Robert-Jan Smits // photo credit: Erik Peinar

12 October 2017 – Guild presidents and vice-rectors are participating in the Estonian Presidency of the EU Council conference on research and impact in Tallinn. Attendees include Daniel Wigboldus (Radboud University), Volli Kalm (University of Tartu), Sibrand Poppema (University of Groningen), Eva Åkesson (Uppsala University), Christian Leumann (University of Bern), Stanisław Kistryn (Jagiellonian University – Krakow), Vincent Blondel (University of Louvain), Berit Eika (Aarhus University), and Åse Gornitzka (University of Oslo).


Professors Volli Kalm, Berit Eika, Daniel Wigboldus and Åse Gornitzka // photo credit: Erik Peinar

The professors have engaged with members of the Commission, the European Research Council and other stakeholders on innovation, impact, and scientific excellence. Raising the aspiration of European research to determine how universities can best fulfil their missions to engage students, citizens and communities with new knowledge, have been core considerations in the Guild since its foundation last year. These issues will be explored further at the network’s General Assembly at the University of Tartu on 13 October, where the governing body will further discuss the future of EU-funded science, and reflect on the ‘Tallinn Call for Action’.


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Published Oct. 12, 2017 11:23 AM - Last modified Nov. 22, 2017 3:30 PM