Spreading Excellence, Enhancing Synergies: Perspectives from South-East Europe

In Horizon 2020, the participation gap between higher- and lower-performing regions has increased rather than diminished. This threatens to increase the economic, social and cultural disparities between Europeans. At a time when we need science to connect more closely to citizens, there is a particular danger that citizens in many lower-performing regions feel disconnected from a European Funding Programme for research and innovation that appears to have little relevance for their institutions. How can we ensure that more European regions can benefit from a Funding Programme distinguished by international excellence? How can we achieve better synergies between the Framework Programmes and Structural Funds? Are there any instruments that are currently missing that would boost excellence in research, innovation, and education?

We are pleased to invite stakeholders to our conference on ‘Spreading Excellence, Enhancing Synergies: Perspectives from South-East Europe’, which will take place on 14 March in Ljubljana from 09.00h to 17.00h.

At the event, we will be releasing a new Guild position paper on Spreading Excellence. Experts from Guild and non-Guild universities, Slovenian government representatives and officials from the European Commission will have a chance to discuss ways to close the research and innovation (R&I) divide between Europe’s regions using the EU’s framework programmes in synergy with Structural Funds and other financing sources. Furthermore, academics from Western Balkan countries will add the EU-neighbourhood dimension to our discussions. We would like to showcase the benefits that ‘widened participation’ brings to R&I partners across Europe – through strengthened collaboration and engagement with unused pools of talented researchers and infrastructure.

Stakeholders interested in attending the conference should contact Katja Cerar, Head of Office for Internationalisation at the University of Ljubljana, katja.cerar@uni-lj.si and Tomasz Rusek, Head of Policy at the Guild office, tomasz.rusek@the-guild.eu.


Published Feb. 13, 2018 6:06 PM - Last modified Mar. 8, 2018 3:02 PM