Oriol Amat

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Oriol Amat is Rector of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) since May 2021.

Amat is a full professor of Financial Economics and Accounting. He is also member of the Spanish Sustainable Finance Academic Forum, director of Revista de Contabilidad y Dirección, Deputy Director of Revista Iberoamericana de Contabilidad y Dirección and an editorial board member of several academic journals.

In the field of management, he has held various positions. At UPF, he has been dean of the UPF Barcelona School of Management (2018-2021), director of the Department of Economics and Business (2003-2005), vice-rector for Economics, Information Systems and Services (1997-2001) and, specifically in the teaching field, he was director of the Centre for Teaching Quality and Innovation (2006-2011).

From the beginning of his professional career, he has actively collaborated with social institutions. He has been dean of the College of Economists of Catalonia, a member of the advisory board of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and PIMEC; and member of the Catalonia 2022 working group, which designed the post-Covid strategy. He was the founder and president of the Catalan Accounting and Management Association (2014-2018), member of the Parliament of Catalonia (2015-2017), member of the Advisory Board for the Reactivation and Growth of Catalonia (2011-2015) and Director of the National Securities Market Commission (2011-2015), among others.


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