Upcoming Meetings


Past Meetings

13 October, General Assembly

4 October, Meeting on Innovation

3 October, Communications Meeting

28-29 September, Expert Group Meeting on Quality Assurance in Research

19 September, Meeting with Institutional Leads

The institutional leads are representatives of our member universities who coordinate their universities’ overall participation in the Guild.

15 September, Vice-Presidents’ Meeting

9-11 September, Workshop on Education

7 September, Board Meeting

14 July, Board Meeting

6 July, Meeting on the next Framework Programme (FP9)

29-30 June, Expert Group Meeting on Widening Participation and Structural Funds

21 June, Meeting on Innovation

2 June, General Assembly

1 June, Guild Forum

15 May, Board Meeting

12 May, FP9 Oversight Group

9 May, Erasmus+ Workshop

21 April, Vice-Presidents’ Meeting

13 April, Workshop on SDGs and ‘Open to the World’

11 April, Expert Group Meeting on Widening Participation and Structural Funds

5 April, Expert Group Meeting on Simplification & Excellence

28 March, Board Meeting

22 February, Board Meeting

9 February, Vice-Presidents’ Meeting



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