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Empowering citizens – Raising the aspirations of European higher education

 Position paper on Erasmus+

In its submission to the Interim Evaluation of Erasmus+, the Guild emphasises the importance of raising the aspirations for the programme. Erasmus+ must reach its full potential to serve the present and future needs of European citizens in a fast-changing world. 

31 May 2017


Serving Europe’s Societies: Research, Innovation, and the Future of Europe

Position paper on the Ninth Framework Programme

Research and Education are part of the foundation of European public life. They are predicated on values, trust, and the pursuit of truth, without which our institutions and our interactions cannot function. The next Framework Programme must strengthen frontier-led science. We must also be bold in addressing the structural and cultural impediments to research excellence in all parts of Europe.

2 March 2017


Unleashing the Potential of Europe’s Universities 

Position paper on the Interim Evaluation of Horizon 2020

Knowledge creation is key to Europe’s cultures, societies and economies.  Europe’s potential for research and innovation is reliant upon its universities as the environment in which scientific knowledge is gained and future innovators are educated. The Guild makes nine propositions for how Horizon 2020 and its successor programme could further strengthen excellence in research and innovation across Europe.

16 January 2017



Education, Employability and Student Engagement in Europe’s Universities: Guild Response to the Roadmap Leading to the Agenda for the Modernisation of Higher Education

The Guild welcomes the opportunity to respond to the upcoming Agenda for the Modernisation of Higher Education. European mobility schemes for students around Erasmus+ have become critical for the connectedness of European Higher Education, and these must be sustained.

April 6 2017


The Guild’s response to the ITRE draft report on H2020 and FP9

The Guild welcomes the recommendations of the European Parliament’s ITRE Committee for the next Framework Programme, based on a careful review of how Horizon 2020 has succeeded in its mission to foster excellent science, respond to societal challenges and boost industrial leadership in Europe.

5 April 2017

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